Locating Arizona School Records

The Arizona State Archives has a resource on their blog, Arizona Archivy, explaining where to find Arizona School records, Navigating School Records.


Rules for Arizona School Bus Drivers

The rules and requirements for school bus drivers in Arizona are covered under Arizona law ARS § 28-3228. These rules were created in consultation with School Bus Drivers’ Advisory Council formed by ARS § 28-3053.

The Minimum Standards for school bus drivers as recorded on the Student Transportation Information website: http://studenttransportation.azdps.gov/documents/2008MinStandards_007.pdf

Constitution of the State of Arizona

An online version of the Arizona State Constitution can be found at the Arizona State Legislature website here:  http://azleg.gov/Constitution.asp

History and Archives has placed a digital copy of the original constitution complete with signatures in the State and Local Documents Collection in the Arizona Memory Project: http://azmemory.azlibrary.gov/cdm/ref/collection/archgov/id/218

Digital copies of the proposed and original constitution can be found here: http://azmemory.azlibrary.gov/cdm/ref/collection/statepubs/id/19459

The State Publications Collection of the Arizona Memory Project has digital copies of the various amended versions of the State Constitution through the years here: http://azmemory.azlibrary.gov/cdm/ref/collection/statepubs/id/19451

Arizona Publicity Pamphlets

The complete collection of The State of Arizona Initiative and Referendum Publicity Pamphlet is available in the State Publications collection in the Arizona Memory Project. These pamphlets are produced by the Secretary of State’s office for each election and contain information on all the propositions that appear on the ballot. This collection covers the most recent state election to 1912. You can view this collection here: