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Old motor vehicle laws

Did you know that automobiles used to be registered with the Secretary of State’s Office? In 1921, the registration fee was based on the A.L.A.M. (Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers) horsepower rating of the car. The fee was $5 for … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Finding an Obituary

In “Genealogy: Finding an Obituary,” the second on our series of genealogy guides, Chris Seggerman discusses helpful tips on finding obituaries in newspapers from Arizona and around the country. For more tips and information, visit the Genealogy page on this blog.

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Hearing about executive orders and federal rules in the news?

The National Archives has a website with sources to explain how you can find proposed federal rules and other presidential documents: They also explain the importance of the Federal Register, the “official gazette of the United States Government” and … Continue reading

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