Relief For Business Owners and Consumers From Patent Litigation

Free Webinar!

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will host a webinar on September 18, 2014, Noon-1:00 pm Eastern Time (9am-10am Arizona Time), on the Patent Litigation Online Tool Kit. The litigation tool kit answers common questions about patent litigation such as:

  • What are my options for responding to the suit?
  • How can I tell whether or not I’m infringing?
  • How do I find a lawyer?
  • How can I challenge a patent or patent application?

This webinar will also highlight FREE resources and tools that may be of assistance if you are accused of patent infringement. The online library of free resources has been updated and can be accessed by using the USPTO’s website,

WHEN: September 18, 2014, Noon – 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Webcast Information:

1. Dial In: 1-571-270-7000

Event number: 641 836 089

Event password: 12345

2. Video portion can be reached at the following address:

Flyer: PatLit_Flyer

This is an outside event; please follow link above, or view attached flyer for more information.

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