There has been many stories in the news regarding marriage, raisins and redistricting matters before the Supreme Court.  This blog has a wealth of information that keeps one in the know on what is happening in the business of the Court. According to the site, the blog generally reports on every merits case before the Court at least three times: prior to argument; after argument; and after the decision.  In certain cases, the blog invites the advocates to record summaries of their arguments for podcasts.  The blog notes all of the non-pauper cert. petitions that seek to raise a legal question which in view of the blog creators may interest the Justices; the blog’s creators also give additional coverage to particularly significant petitions.  For the merits cases and the petitions the blog covers, it provides access to all the briefs.

The blog has resources such as the biographies of the current justices, multimedia presentations of matters of the Court, a short glossary of legal terms and an overview of Supreme Court procedure.  The blog also has statistical information such as  dispositions by sitting, majority opinions by sitting and paces of the Court decisions.

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