Check out A Basic Guide to Exporting, published by the U.S. Commercial Service. Even if you’re looking at hiring another company to assist you with the process, this resource will help you become a more informed consumer.


Startups that file patents more likely to grow

A New View_Final Report_3.3.16 Cover

Check out this recent MIT Innovation Institute report on patents, trademarks, and startup growth. Haven’t named your business yet? Check out p.9 covering the probability of growth between a firms with short names and firms named after their founders.


Lawmakers Financial Interests


Are you curious about whether or not your state lawmakers have a personal stake in a policy issue? One way to find out is to read the financial disclosure statements filed with the Arizona Secretary of State:


Thanks to Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan for pointing out this neat resource – to find a similar tool for your representatives in federal government, check out her twitter feed: https://twitter.com/SecretaryReagan