National Bookmobile Day!

Today is National Bookmobile Day! Celebrate the day with this entry of Bookmobile Notes from the  July 1961 Road Runner, the newsletter of the State Library’s extension service.


Collage courtesy Wendi Goen

Bookmobile Notes

The last two weeks in June your Bookmobile got a well earned rest (20,000 miles since January 1) while the Librarian took a busman’s holiday. The trip to Colorado was nice and cool, and it was nice to see old friends and haunts of younger years, but it is nice to be back with the many friends of the Bookmobile service.

Our circulation showed somewhat of a decrease with the closing of the schools for the Summer vacation, but now that the midsummer boredom is setting in, we are showing almost normal circulation . One would think that the youngsters would go in for light fiction during this hot season, but such is not the case. It strains our shelves as well as the springs trying to keep enough information about rockets, atoms, and other timely subjects available for them. During the fiscal year just past, the youngsters checked out 3,076 non-fiction books, but with the start that has been made this summer on non-fiction this figure could well be doubled during this year . It seems that not all of the youngsters
are standing around on the street corners looking for trouble to come along, or out drag racing on the streets and highways.

The adults are every bit as enthusiastic as the youngsters about the service. We welcome many new adults on each trip. Among our newest patrons are the rangers and their families at the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest national monuments.

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