Reading Arizona for Kids!


Parents, are you looking for an easy way to create a summer reading list for your children?

Reading Arizona has plenty of fun and exciting books about life in our state that your kids will want to read again and again. Just create an account, browse by category, and check the “Favorite” box to create a list of titles that your child can read all summer long.   Below are just a few Reading Arizona titles to get you started, courtesy of  DAZL, the Digital Arizona Library. 

Books for Children:

Susan Deaver Olberding, The San Francisco Peaks, Fort Valley Publishing, 2014.

Kim Duffek, and Shannon Young, The Little Saguaro, Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum, 2007.

Carlos Lemos and Lisa Hodgkins, Camille Carries the Mail, Mirror Publishing, 2013.

Tracy Nelson Maurer, What’s in a Cactus?, Rourke Educational Media, 2013.

Janet B. Quackenbush, There’s an Ostrich Loose in Eloy!, 2014.

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