Passionate about an upcoming ballot measure?

InitiativeThe Arizona Secretary of State’s Office has just launched a new tool to allow citizens to submit their pro/con arguments for the election publicity pamphlets online!

“I would urge people who plan to file an argument to familiarize themselves with our unique filing system,” said Secretary Reagan. “The cut-off date to file an argument is July 13th, only one week after the filing deadline, so those who are interested must act quickly.”

The argument must be 300 words or less and should be written exactly how the filer wants it to appear in the publicity pamphlet, as it will be reproduced verbatim. Due to statutory requirements, the Secretary of State’s office in Phoenix must also receive a signed, notarized copy of the argument by 5:00 p.m. on July 13, 2016. The $75.00 fee will collected through the online portal at the time its submission.

For more information:

To view the unofficial list of initiatives, referendums and recalls (measures not receiving a sufficient number of signatures  by July 7, 2016 will not appear on the ballot):

To submit your pro/con argument:

To view historic Publicity Pamphlets (past elections), check out the Arizona memory Project: