What is unique about our collection and services?

  1. Our genealogy collection includes materials from all states.
  2. Over 18,900 items covering all fifty states and and select materials on foreign countries like England and Germany.
  3.  Interlibrary loan services are available to genealogists through our library.
  4. The book and periodical sections of the Collection are the largest in Arizona and specific titles may be located by using the Library and Archives’ online catalog.
  5. There is additional access to materials on CD-ROM’s, in premium online databases and through interlibrary loan.  The staff is available to assist beginners as well as intermediate and advanced researchers.  Family History Lessons are offered by the genealogy staff and the staff of the Arizona History and Archives Division.
  6. There are several computers available for online research along with online and in-house databases for use.

Collection includes:

a. Family histories
b. General indexes
c. Journals
d. Ship passenger lists
e. Atlases
f. Biographical encyclopedias

Unique Older Collections:

a. Barbour Collection
b. Published archives for Delaware, NJ, NY & PA
c. Colonial records of CT and GA
d. Vital records of Rhode Island (1636-1850)

Databases: Ancestry Library Edition

  1. 7000 databases (160 Irish databases)
  2. US collections has census, birth, death and marriage including SSDI Index and US border crossings and passenger ship records.

Canadian collection has census (1881-1911), vital records, Drouin Collection (1621-1967) which includes 30 million baptism, marriage and burial records from Quebec.

Research Guides:

  1. How to Get Started
  2. Finding an Obituary
  3. Searching Arizona Vital Records

Other Useful Links

  1. 1940′s Census Records on National Archives
  2. Birth and Death Certificates for Genealogy or Family History
  3. Arizona Genealogy Advisory Board – AzGAB
  4. LDS Family History Library

Updated 04/11/2014 BBH


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