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Joint Legislative Budget Committee
Judgement Liens
Labor Statistics Arizona
Legal Research: Guide for the Non-Lawyer
Legal and Regulatory Resources
Lemon Law
Library Law


Joint Legislative Budget Committee

A part of the State Legislature, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee was created in 1966 to provide sound budget research and  information. Their mission Statement is as follows:

‘To provide the Arizona Legislature with sound research, analysis, forecasts and recommendations on government finances and public policies; and to provide the members with high quality work that is factual and delivered in a timely and professional manner, enabling the members to make informed public policy decisions that are in the best interests of the citizens of Arizona.”

Up to date budget information, including information on the fiscal impact of pending legislation, can be found on their website:


Judgement Liens

Judgement Liens are addressed by A.R.S. 33-961 et seq. For more information on Judgement Liens, check out Nolo.com’s page Judgment Liens on Property in Arizona.


see also Debt Collection



Labor Statistics Arizona

The Arizona Office of Employment and Population Statistics provides monthly employment reports, employment forecasts, and industry projections for the State of Arizona. Their website is a great resource for population information, wage information by occupation and/or county, and “Green” jobs and industries.


Legal Research:

Here are four great resources to use to learn how to conduct legal research:

Laws and Legal Research by Nolo.com is also a great resource for those new to legal information. This resource addresses frequently asked questions with sections including Local Ordinances Vs. State and Federal Laws, How to Read a Law, and How to Make Sure a Law is Up to Date.


How to Research a Legal problem: A Guide for Non-Lawyers is a publication of the America Association of Law Libraries. This resource does an excellent job of describing where to find legal resources and listing the legal resources that are available.


Guide to Arizona Legislative History at Arizona’s Capitol is the State Library of Arizona’s webpage on how to do a Legislative History. It is a good breakdown of the process and resource available here at the Capitol.


Arizona Legislative History: Research Guide by Arizona State University’s John J. Ross – William C. Blakley Law Library is another source for Legislative History information. In addition to the resources at the State Capitol, it describes the resources available at the ASU Law Library.


Lemon Law

If your new car is not working, then your car’s problems may fall under the statutory warranty called the “Lemon Law”. Arizona’s state lemon laws are in Title 44 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The requirements for a new motor vehicle can be found in ARS § 44-1262 on. Definitions for “motor vehicle”, “used motor vehicle dealer”, “consumer” and more are found in ARS § 44-1261.

You can also find tips for buying new and used cars from the Arizona Attorney General’s office.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission also has tips about automobile purchases and warranties.

Library Law

Library laws can be useful sources for understanding why and how libraries operate in Arizona.

The Arizona Revised Statutes pertaining to the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public records are A.R.S. 41-151 et seq.

The Arizona Revised Statutes pertaining to County Libraries are A.R.S. 11-901 et seq.

The Arizona Revised Statutes pertaining to local (city, town) Public Libraries are A.R.S. 9-411 et seq.

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