State Publications


Welcome to the State Documents Collection

The State Publications Collection consists of documents produced by or for Arizona state agencies that have been collected by the State Library since territorial times. The collection consists of:

Annual Reports

  • Budgets
  • Legislative Reports
  • Directories
  • Historical Documents
  • Consumer Information
  • Historic Periodicals
  • University Publications
  • Manuals & Handbooks

The collection is mandated by Arizona Statute. We try to maintain three copies of each item:

  1. Record copy in offsite storage
  2. Shelf copy for use in house (and possibly I.L.L.)
  3. Digital copy in the Arizona Memory Project

2013-05-03 13.47.18 In addition we try to maintain all copies for any items older than fifty years from the current year.

Publications on Demand


The State Publications Collection also contains over 34,000 publications available 24/7 online in the Arizona Memory Project. These are publications can be found in the following sub-collections:

In addition the print records in our online catalog contain links to their digital counter part in the Memory Project making access to these documents easier.

Accessible at the State Library

Access to our print collection is available Monday—Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the State Library of Arizona. 1700 W Washington St. Suite 300 Phoenix, Az. Or call us at (602) 926-3870. You can also search our catalog online at: http://azlibrary.govstate_docs

AZ Docs List

State documents uses a system shared with The Hayden Library at Arizona State University that is based loosely on the SuDoc system used for federal documents. State document call numbers look like this:

TRT 5.2:C 54    and  consists of:

For a list of Agency Codes and division numbers click here.

Publication Designation

  • .1 Annual Report
  • .2 Single Items
  • .3 Periodicals
  • .4 Descriptive materials
  • .5 Laws affecting the agency
  • .6 Laws administered by the agency
  • .7 News releases
  • .8 Handbooks, guides, directories
  • .9 Minutes, proceedings, hearings