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Explore Arizona

Summer hikes can be a fun way to enjoy scenic views and explore new areas.

Arizona has hundreds of hiking trails throughout the state, from the forest trails in the San Francisco Peaks, to the famous red rocks in Sedona, not to mention the Grand Canyon! No matter what your fitness level, you are sure to find one that will meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a challenge, or just a nice relaxing walk beside a creek, the Digital Arizona Library (DAZL) has a number of resources highlighting Arizona’s most exciting hikes. And remember to wear a hat and  bring plenty of water!


To see some great reading, head on over to the DAZL blog…

99 Years Ago Today: The Bisbee Deportation


On July 12 1917, Sheriff Harry Wheeler and 2,000 deputies arrested over a thousand Bisbee men. Members of the International Workers of the World, these striking miners were forced at gunpoint onto a train and then left in the desert outside Columbus, New Mexico. The event soon became known as the Bisbee Deportation. To see what The Bisbee Daily Review or other Arizona newspapers have to say about this event visit the Digital Arizona Library and  explore the Arizona Digital Newspaper Program webpage.

Click here for more from our friends at DAZL

Summer Reading for Teens

ReadingAZLogoTeens, are you looking to add a little local adventure and excitement to your summer reading lists?

Create a free Reading Arizona account and explore the many books about the mysteries and Wild West history of Arizona. Browse the collection by category or keyword to find titles about haunted ghost towns, ruthless outlaws, and persistent pioneers. You can even click on the book covers to “Favorite” the titles and create your own custom reading list.

You can find more information at DAZL, the Digital Arizona Library, or follow one of the links below to get started.

Books for Teens:

Nina Rhoades, The Girl from Arizona, Boston: Lathrop, Lee and Shepard Company, 1913.

Ann I. Goldfarb, Light Riders and the Morenci Mine Murder, Two Cats Press, 2012.

John Wilson, Written in Blood, Vol 1, Orca Book Publishers, 2010.

John Wilson, Ghost Moon, Vol 2, Orca Book Publishers, 2011.

Harold Bell Wright, When a Man’s a Man, Chicago: Book Supply Company, 1916.

Reading Arizona for Kids!


Parents, are you looking for an easy way to create a summer reading list for your children?

Reading Arizona has plenty of fun and exciting books about life in our state that your kids will want to read again and again. Just create an account, browse by category, and check the “Favorite” box to create a list of titles that your child can read all summer long.   Below are just a few Reading Arizona titles to get you started, courtesy of  DAZL, the Digital Arizona Library. 

Books for Children:

Susan Deaver Olberding, The San Francisco Peaks, Fort Valley Publishing, 2014.

Kim Duffek, and Shannon Young, The Little Saguaro, Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum, 2007.

Carlos Lemos and Lisa Hodgkins, Camille Carries the Mail, Mirror Publishing, 2013.

Tracy Nelson Maurer, What’s in a Cactus?, Rourke Educational Media, 2013.

Janet B. Quackenbush, There’s an Ostrich Loose in Eloy!, 2014.

50th Anniversary of Miranda v. Arizona


Today is the 50th Anniversary of the United States Supreme Court ruling on Miranda v. Arizona. Check out some of the Miranda Related documents in the Arizona Memory Project:

For more info and activities, check out the U.S. Courts website:

Market Research Using referenceUSA


Want some tips on doing market research using referenceUSA? Click on the image for a brief tutorial done by the folks at referenceUSA!

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