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September 14, 2016 – Using Census Data/Tools for Business Planning and Market Analysis: Introducing Census Business Builder

Using Census Data September 14

This hands-on training will provide an introduction to Census Bureau Economic Programs and related Business Concepts, the American Community Survey demographics and the latest Business tool: Census Business Builder.   A new Web application,Census Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition now available in beta, allows users to build a region from one or more counties and create a report for the entire region and the individual business sectors within the region.  This second edition of Census Business Builder follows the successful launch of Census Business Builder: Small Business Edition, which provides statistics for a single type of business and area on the same demographic and economic characteristics as the new edition.

Who should attend? Small business owners, consultants, Small Business Development Training Centers, financial institutions, micro lending organizations, and any organization that targets small businesses and economic development.

Seating is limited.  Registration is required. Training will be hands on, please bring your laptop.  Wi-Fi access available.  Free parking on site.

About presenter Pauline Nuñez:

Pauline Núñez develops and conducts training programs on U.S. Census Data for state/local government, tribal nations, Congressional Districts, nonprofit, health care, and economic development organizations throughout South Central Texas, the Texas-Mexico borderlands and Arizona. She has over 25 years’ experience in community development micro lending, grant writing, marketing and business development for small businesses and non-profit management.

To register for the 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. session, click here.

To register for the 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. session, click here.


Hearing about executive orders and federal rules in the news?

The National Archives has a website with sources to explain how you can find proposed federal rules and other presidential documents:

They also explain the importance of the Federal Register, the “official gazette of the United States Government” and what it is at

    Published daily, it has:

  • Federal Agency Regulations
  • Proposed Rules and Public Notices
  • Executive Orders
  • Proclamations
  • Other Presidential Documents 

Administrative history buffs can read about the beginning of the Federal Register in March 1936 and its history at .

Just need a Federal Register citation or a past rule in a prior version of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) from the last seventy or so years?   Want a copy of an early presidential executive order?  Call the State Library of Arizona at (602) 926-3870 or email and we will search our print and online resources to find what you need!

National Poinsettia Day, December 12th !

December 12th was designated National Poinsettia Day by House Resolution 471 of the 107th Congress in 2002. Check out the article on Poinsettias in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s publication Inventor’s Eye to learn about the history of the Poinsettia plant, and the more than 500 patents issued to the Ecke family that made them what they are today!

See the Inventor’s Eye article here:
See the House Resolution recognizing Paul Ecke, Jr.  here: