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Did you know the Arizona State Library is over 100 years old?

Did you know the Arizona State Library is over 100 years old? Established on March 24, 1915, the State Library’s original purpose was to help Arizona legislators. Under the direction of Con Cronin, the state’s Law and Legislative Reference Librarian, … Continue reading

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Old motor vehicle laws

Did you know that automobiles used to be registered with the Secretary of State’s Office? In 1921, the registration fee was based on the A.L.A.M. (Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers) horsepower rating of the car. The fee was $5 for … Continue reading

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Famous Arizona Ranches Welcome You

Take a look at this promotional brochure published by the Travel Bureau of the Arizona Highway Department in 1939. Then, as now, Arizona’s varied climate meant that good weather could be found year round. Read the whole thing on the … Continue reading

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Rules for Arizona School Bus Drivers

The rules and requirements for school bus drivers in Arizona are covered under Arizona law ARS § 28-3228. These rules were created in consultation with School Bus Drivers’ Advisory Council formed by ARS § 28-3053. The Minimum Standards for school bus drivers as recorded … Continue reading

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Documents Leading to Arizona Statehood

The State Library of Arizona has compiled links to the documents that led up to Arizona becoming the 48th state. Arranged chronologically, these documents record the evolution from territory to state. http://www.azlibrary.gov/is/statehood/index.aspx

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Online State Publications

Search for Arizona State Publications in The Arizona Memory Project State Publications Collection.

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Arizona Blue Book

A.R.S.41-131 http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp? The Arizona Blue Book is available from the Secretary of State website http://www.azsos.gov/public_services/Arizona_Blue_Book/2009-2010/contents.htm

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