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How did Arizona get its shape?

The State of Arizona Research Library has just launched a new digital Story Map called, How Did Arizona Get its Shape? A Story Map is an interactive platform that combines digitized maps, images, and text to provide a narrative. The … Continue reading

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Researching Property History in Arizona, Part 5: Flood Control District Aerial Photos

(This is Part 5 of a series written by team member Chris Seggerman. Read Part 1. Read Part 2. Read Part 3. Read Part 4.)  What was in a vacant lot, in the time before it became vacant? Was there ever anything there? Photographs … Continue reading

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Book Curses

Libraries have long employed book curses to protect their volumes, and the State Research Library is no exception! However, instead of calling upon ravens to pluck out the thieves’ eyes, ours invoke honor, history, and money. Mulford Winsor, State Librarian … Continue reading

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Researching Arizona’s place names

Questions regarding colorful Arizona place names often take place on the highways, where exit signs point to places like “Bloody Basin Road.” If curiosity survives the miles, where can someone look up how these places get named? There are two … Continue reading

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Online State Publications

Search for Arizona State Publications in The Arizona Memory Project State Publications Collection.

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Federal publications and more!

 Visit our Federal Publications page for resouces on your federal government. You can find it at:

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Hello! from the State of Arizona Research Library. We are delighted to help answer your questions on a variety of topics, law, legislation, legal history, genealogy, State and Federal Documents and more.  While we can help you locate information on legal … Continue reading

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